What does ‘that = this’ in Javascript mean?

When you go through some of the popular JS libraries you might start noticing this peculiar line all over the place.

that = this

First impressions, you could figure out that it had something to do with the value of the variable this being inconsistent, so they had to store in a variable and use it later. So I did some digging into it and found out why this assignment was a necessity back then and how we can overcome them.

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Angular 2 – Hello World App – Typescript

Important Note: The post has been updated to RC 1

Hi guys. I’ve been working with Angular 2 for the past week, so thought I must share whatever I’ve learned. I’ll be writing a series of blog posts on Angular 2. What better way to start the series than to do an hello world app.. 😛 Let’s get started.

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Sharing Data between Hybrid App and InAppBrowser

Hi there guys. I came across this requirement in my project where I had to share data between an Ionic app and the InAppBrowser. Though it seemed simple, it turned out to be quite something. So thought I should write this up as a blog. But before we start, I should warn you that this might seem a bit hacky but it is the only thing that works for now.. :P. So let’s get started.

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